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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Clearwater! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Clearwater, FL. The experience of seeing signs of wildlife activity, or even hearing the sounds that might be caused by wild animals can be quite alarming, whether it is in your home or a business premises. We know that you will want reassurance and to discuss your situation with a professional quickly, so our experienced advisers are on hand 24/7 to talk about what you've heard or seen, and to give you some advice on what you can do. They can offer some advice on steps that you can take, and also a ballpark estimate of the cost of using our professional animal removal service, whatever types of animals are present. We work hard to make sure our team can attend your home or business quickly, and we can often arrange a same day appointment. The technician will then take a thorough examination of the property, and can provide a written estimate for you having fully assessed the work required. Our technicians will always use humane methods to deal with the animals, and we never use harmful and dangerous poisons in our clients' properties. They can also offer a full sanitization service to deal with all the potentially harmful particles left behind by wild animals, and can also carry out repairs to any damage caused as well. Call us now at 727-755-0366 for your Clearwater wildlife control needs.

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Clearwater Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Most Common Types of Venomous Snakes You'll Find in Florida

Florida is home to 6 species of venomous snakes, while the rests are considered non-venomous. While they are non-venomous, Clearwater snakes can still bite and their saliva may contain bacteria, so you still must be wary on their presence. Snakes are usually beneficial in keeping the balance of the ecosystem. They can reduce the population of insects and rodents that feed on the crops. They are not aggressive and will rather choose to flee than to confront humans. However, they will still choose to retaliate if they are coerced.

Type of Venomous Snakes in Florida

Non-venomous snakes are being killed since they have the same features as the venomous ones. In this article, we will discuss some of the venomous snakes in Florida that will help you avoid killing the harmless snakes.

Clearwater Southern Copperhead

Southern Copperhead or simply copperhead or highland moccasin belongs in the family of pit viper that you can find in the Eastern section of the US. The largest copperhead is probably around 53 inches, but the average size is about 22-36 inches in terms of length. They have a stocky body frame and wide head. The color of the snake can vary from pale or a pinkish-tan shade that will be darker when you go to the midsection of the snake. While the bite of the copperhead will be painful, the venom that it will carry will not be enough to kill a healthy and fit adult.


There are two types of cottonmouth that is found in the state of Florida; eastern cottonmouth and Florida cottonmouth. They also belong in the family of pit viper. They can be discerned by their stocky, arrow-shaped head. Their large body has a dark color. They can grow at around 20-48 inches in length. The venom of the cottonmouth can be fatal if not treated properly. If they are being threatened, they will be coiling their body and will be showing their fangs to intimidate the attacker.


Ground rattler, diamondback and the timber rattlesnake are the three types of rattlesnakes that live in Florida. Encounter with the timber rattlesnake is rare since they can only be found in nine counties. Originally, encounter with them is common. However, due to human intervention, the number of the timber rattlesnake has suffered dramatically. Pygmy rattler is the most common venomous snake that you can encounter in Florida. They have an average length of 12-24 inches. If they feel threatened, this animal will be ready to defend itself. The rattle of this snake will resemble the sound of a buzzing insect. The bite will not be fatal, but it will be excruciatingly painful. The eastern diamondback is known as the heaviest venomous serpent.

Finally, you can also find a coral snake in Florida.  The Clearwater scarlet kingsnake shares the same feature with the coral snake but the scarlet kingsnake is considered harmless. In case you have been bitten by these snakes, it is advisable to seek immediate medical assistance. Remain calm during the situation and stay away from the range of the snake.