Why Your Local Clearwater Pest Control Company CANNOT Help With a Skunk Infestation and WHO to Call Instead?

In case you are suffering from a Clearwater skunk infestation, you will probably try to remove them yourself. Perhaps you will use the commercially-available repellents or set-up a trap in your yard. However, there are instances when these simple methods will not solve your problem. You will need the help of the specialist to end your skunk infestation and thwart the possible damages that you can incur.

Reasons Why Pest Control Company Will Not Assist You with Skunk Problem

If you think that the pest control company can provide you with an outstanding solution, think again. They do not have the necessary equipment and experience to deal with the skunk infestation problem. Apart from that, there are just too many reasons why they are not suitable for wildlife infestation.

Lack of Training

Before the Clearwater wildlife removal company can provide their service to the public, they will have to complete an arduous training process. Different types of wildlife creatures will require unique solutions and they need to be quite familiar with it. There are also various equipments needed in dealing with the wild animals and they need to be well-acquainted in using this. The pest control companies have also gone through a long training process but the information provided is mostly about insect infestation. This means that their knowledge will not be sufficient in dealing with skunks.

Lethal Methods

The pest control companies are usually focused in using the lethal method such as poisons. Using poisons against the wildlife creatures are considered illegal. It will take a few hours up to a week of suffering before the animal will die. According to the jurisdiction, any furbearing animals and non-game creatures should not experience unnecessary suffering. Poisons are also detrimental to the health of the homeowners. The fumes of the poisons can irritate the respiratory system. In addition, poisons that come in pellet will resemble the appearance of the candy or your kid’s favorite cereal. They can accidentally ingest it and will immediately go into convulsion.

Improper Equipment

Since the pest control companies will primarily be focused on the lethal method, the equipment that they will be using will not suit your problem with skunk. On the other hand, the wildlife removal experts will first assess your skunk problem and will present you a range of solutions. Most of them will be humane that will not hurt the poor creature. Aside from that, installing and setting up some equipment such as the exclusion device will require expertise. 


In order to perform Clearwater skunk removal, you will need to carry the necessary licenses and permits. You will have to complete a series of training and pass the test in order to secure a license. You will need permit in trapping the striped skunk and the spotted skunk. Spotted skunks are also protected under the law. This means that you will need a special permit in excluding them. The pest control company will not carry those licenses and permits.

It is important that you know the proper agency to call if you have a skunk infestation. You don’t want a service that will only target the symptoms but they also resolve the root cause of the problem.

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