Noises Florida Bats Make When Inside Your House - Learn How to KNOW if You've Got a Bat!

As someone who has been working in the industry of wildlife removals for years, our Clearwater clients will often asked us about the noises that bats create. They are wondering if there is a way to differentiate their noise from the other animals. The bats will use echolocation in finding their food. They will emit a high-frequency noise that will not be audible to the human ear. The noise that they will create is quite refined that enables the bats to determine the exact location of their prey.

The Types of Sounds of Bats

Since they will usually produce sounds that are beyond the hearing capacity of human, it is quite possible for the Florida bats to roost in our house and we will not be aware of it. This is usually true if you have a smaller colony of bats. 

Clicking Sound

While the sound of the Clearwater bats cannot be discern by the human ears, we will still be able to hear them especially if you have a large colony especially if they are found in an insulated house. When the bats are using their echolocation, you will actually hear the clicks. The click that they will create will actually be chirp that has a unique tonal progression. Apart from the clicking sound, you may also hear the flapping of their wings as well as the scratching sound. 

Sounds at Night

Since the Florida bats are nocturnal, the sound that they will produce will often be heard at nighttime. You will also hear their sound during the morning when they are returning to their roosting ground. The noises that they will generally create will be related to their movement. Since they are flying mammals, it would be possible for you to hear the fluttering sound made by their wings. Their wings can also be used to crawl and climb that will result to scratching noises.

Sounds Related with the Size of the Colony

Bats are relatively silent that make it almost impossible to determine their presence through the noise they create. Nonetheless, once the colony grows considerably, the bats will be fighting with each other and will create noise that would be difficult to ignore. It is also hard to miss the noise once there is maternal colony. This is due to the fact that the pups will be creating calls to notify their mother bats. They will be doing this noise until such time that they will be independent from the mother bat. 

When you are hearing these noises in the Clearwater attic, you can perform a DIY removal when inspecting and eliminating the infestation especially if you are dealing with a small colony of bats. Nonetheless, you need to be extremely cautious since they can transmit sickness through their guano and bites. The best solution is to seek the help of the experts. Immediate action towards the infestation is needed to avoid further destruction and contamination of your property. It should then be sealed to prevent the bats from returning to the roosting ground.

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